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Light Duty Towing

Medium Duty Towing Heavy Duty Towing
Equipment Hauling              Off-Road Recovery

24/7 Emergency Road Service · 365 Days per year
2700 tows performed monthly
Over 30 service trucks to meet your needs.

Speciality Vehicle?
Our skilled drivers can handle the most valuable or oldest of cars. We provide the best equipment in the business so our drivers can provide the best in service to you.

Tough Spot? Rough Terrain?
A problem can come up anywhere, anytime. When and if it does, we'll be able to get to you on your way again...FAST!

Job Site Recovery? Accident?
Shamrock's 20 years of experience pays off when something goes wrong. Our trained air cushion recovery crew can upright even loaded trailers safely and quickly.

Low Clearance?
We are in and out of low ceiling parking lots everyday -- no problem!
Out of State?
We can tow your disabled vehicle anywhere you need it towed.

Extra Heavy?
We have a heavy duty fleet which can respond to multiple calls at any given time from several locations.

Fully Insured
It's more important than ever to be certain any company handling your equipment has the proper insurance coverage. We do, and will provide you with the appropriate documentation promptly.

Disaster Response

Abandoned Vehicle Concerns
Abandoned and illegally parked vehicles can result in millions of dollars of property damage if not removed promptly. Our companies all follow carefully examined and constantly updated policies to eliminate liability concerns.
Our modern equipment can handle problem access areas such as low overhead parking garages with ease. Contact us to remove abandoned "eyesores" and reduce liability exposure for your company or municipality, while keeping within your city’s Private Impound laws.

Secured & Monitored Evidence Storage
We understand the importance of secured storage. We have the ability to protect you against after-the-tow damage claims and theft. All of our storage facilities are certified “police” storage yards.

Light Duty TowingLIGHT DUTY < 9,000 lbs GVW

Wheel Lift, Wrecker, Conventional, Quick Loader,
PI Truck, Under Lift, and 2-Car Hauler.

Service Capabilities:
Vehicles and Motorcycles for quick access recovery in close quarters, Pintle hook capability for equipment hauling

Light Duty TowingLIGHT / MEDIUM DUTY (One-Ton)
< 9,001- 16,000 lbs GVW

Service Capabilities:
Vehicles, small trailers, easy access to small spaces and parking garages

Medium Duty TowingMEDIUM DUTY < 16,001 - 33,000 lbs GVW

Medium Duty Wrecker, Flatbed and 4-Car Hauler.

Service Capabilities:
Tractors, Straight Trucks, Service Vehicles, RV’s, Pintle Hook capability for equipment hauling.

Heavy Duty TowingHEAVY DUTY > 33,001 to 80,000 lbs GVW

Heavy Duty Wreckers and Rotator Crane with 50 ton capacity.

Service Capabilities:
Tractors, Tractor Trailers, Pintle Hook capability for equipment hauling, Straight Trucks, Service Trucks, Buses, Motorhomes

Equipment HaulingEQUIPMENT HAULING UP TO 100,000 lbs GVW

Heavy Duty Tractors & Transport Trailers
Special permits available for overweight or oversize cargo.

Service Capabilities:
Tractors, Trailers, Equipment, Buses, Motorhomes, Helicopters, Aircraft, etc.


Off Road Recovery, Self Loader

Service Capabilities:
Light Duty off road all terrain recovery, off road jump starts.


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